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Android Version of Follow That Food Truck! Launches

It's finally here!! The Android version of Follow That Food Truck! just launched and it's free for everyone in the Google Play Store. The Android app has arrived just in time for peak food truck season in the height of the summer. Now everyone can get in on the food truck fun.

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Follow That Food Truck! Takes First Place in 5 Across Pitch Competition

On Wednesday night, we presented Follow That Food Truck! at the 5 Across pitch competition sponsored by Awesome Inc., the Kentucky Innovation Network, Commerce Lexington, and the Lexington Venture Club. The event was held at Awesome Inc on Main Street in downtown Lexington. Five startups presented ideas to an audience and a panel of judges.

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List View Added to Follow That Food Truck! Version 2.0

While many of the food trucks have been in hibernation for the winter, we’ve been continuing to develop our app in preparation for the Spring melt. The food truck movement grew in leaps and bounds last year, and we anticipate this year to be bigger than ever before. On Thursday, we rolled out the first step in our plan to improve Follow That Food Truck! so it can keep pace with the exciting growth of mobile food.

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Follow That Food Truck! Version 1.5 is Now Available

Follow That Food Truck! has now been live for one month. During that time, we’ve listened to feedback from both diners and food truck owners. Our first update to the app, which was just released in the App Store, includes improvements based on the feedback we received.

One of the coolest updates is the addition of custom logos for the trucks. Now, diners can quickly scan the map to see which trucks are open.

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A Huge First Week for the App

It has been an exciting first week for Follow That Food Truck! In just one week, 19 different trucks have already popped up on the map in Lexington. About 1,000 diners have downloaded the app and begun using it to track down meals in the Bluegrass area. Our expectations for week one have been greatly exceeded. Awesome!

During the first week, we’ve seen trucks show up in Lexington, Paris, Lawrenceburg, and even Louisville! Check out some of the sightings during this past week:

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Follow That Food Truck! is Live

IT’S HERE!! Our free iPhone app that uses GPS to display the location of nearby food trucks just hit the app store!

Follow That Food Truck! just launched in the food truck-friendly city of Lexington, KY. Lexington is a perfect proving ground for the app because over 30 food trucks currently thrive in this city of 300,000 people. The food truck scene in Lexington has exploded over the past couple of years and, as a result, thousands of diners are now scrambling every week to find these mobile culinary stations.

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