It’s finally here!! The Android version of Follow That Food Truck! just launched and it’s free for everyone in the Google Play Store.

The Android app has arrived just in time for peak food truck season in the height of the summer. Now everyone can get in on the food truck fun.

Since launching the iOS app in September 2014, over 5,000 people have downloaded the app and begun using it to find nearby food trucks. And, almost immediately, we began receiving requests for an Android version of our food truck app. Well, we listened and promised to begin development. Today we are so happy to finally be able to deliver on our promise. And, like the iOS app, our Android version is completely free for both truck owners and diners.

This beta version of Follow That Food Truck! for Android works exactly like the iPhone app. Just open the app and you will see a local map with icons of all active food trucks identifying where they are with GPS. The Android beta version is a little bit stripped down compared to the more mature iPhone app. We first wanted to create a working app, and now we’re moving on to adding additional functionality like a list view, for example. Watch for those updates soon.

Android users actually do have one cool feature that iPhone users don’t yet have. Tap an icon on the map and Google maps will display an option to navigate directly to it. Now you can get turn by turn navigation to your favorite food truck!

Super Easy for Truck Owners

The account interface for truck owners is about as easy as it gets to use. Any truck owner can create an account from within the app–it only takes about 10 seconds to reach thousands of new customers.

After creating an account on the app, truck owners will see a Truck Details page where they can add any information they want to include about their truck, location, menu, contact number, or anything else they want to mention. The on/off switch is on this same page. Just flip it on to become visible on the map. It’s that easy. For more information about how to use the app, check out our brief tutorial for truck owners.

We’re proud to deliver this cool app to a whole new audience of food truck owners and diners. More and more people are using the app every day, and it’s beginning to spread to other cities across the country. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and make the app better!

-Josh Boldt
Founder, Follow That Food Truck!