Follow That Food Truck! has now been live for one month. During that time, we’ve listened to feedback from both diners and food truck owners. Our first update to the app, which was just released in the App Store, includes improvements based on the feedback we received.

One of the coolest updates is the addition of custom logos for the trucks. Now, diners can quickly scan the map to see which trucks are open.

We’ve made a few other design changes that make the app look better, like giving the truck description pages a nice clean makeover.

Truck owners will be happy to see the improved location switch, which is now even easier to access and use. It only takes about two seconds to flip the location service on and off. You can see the switch is now visible on the home page for logged in users.

Finally, we’ve made a small change that enables the map to open to the app user’s current location, rather than defaulting to Lexington, KY as it did previously. The app is starting to catch on in other cities and we want to facilitate that growth. We have trucks registered as far away as El Paso, Texas. The plan has been to grow the reach of the app, and changing the default location is the first step in that growth process.

Over 1600 people are now using Follow That Food Truck! to find their next meal and that number increases every day. We have more improvements already underway, like adding a listview of trucks and a Favorites tab.

We also want to point out that we added a map page to the website that mirrors the app. It displays all active trucks in real-time just like the app does. The map page is a good workaround for those who don’t have iPhones. An Android app is still planned eventually, but this will work in the meantime. Just bookmark it on your browser.

Thanks to all of you who have helped us make the app better during this first month. We look forward to the next update!